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Whenever the matter is internet marketing it's needless to tell once again about the importance of Search Engine Marketing. Undoubtedly Search Engines are getting the highest number of visitors every day. The main target of internet marketing is to grab more and more targeted visitors to specific website in order to increase sales.

A small shop in the downtown always gets fewer potential customers than a superstore in the central point of city. Internet marketers always look for opportunity to reach the highest number of people. So, Search Engine Marketing is always the best choice among all the web entrepreneurs.

It’s clear that Search Engine Optimization AKA SEO is always better than PPC marketing via Search Engines. Along with the time Search Engines are getting more perfect day by day. It’s obviously better for both users and service providers as users are getting their required things as search results more easily and Search Engines are getting more reliability to people that’s important to keep the pace of business development for them. In 2012 we saw the biggest changes in the biggest search engine Google. With the Google Panda and some supporting updates the Search Engine Marketing procedure has been changed a lot. It was really a big change to prevent all kinds of black hat SEO procedures.

Things were becoming too worse when the game of SEO was in hand of some automated SEO software which can create various kind of backlinks automatically like Directory Submission, Forum Profile Link, Article Spin & Submission, Social Bookmarks, Video Directories Submission and many more tasks which are supposed to be done naturally by people from time to time for a specific website.

If a website provides really valuable and competitive services or products then it’s sure that people all over the web will talk about it. The popularity will be built when people will like the website’s product or service. The users will automatically share that website throughout the web so it’s really awkward to use software to make numerous backlinks in no time. It seemed that the person who will own more software and use them more will get higher rank in Search Engines. So, finally after alarming a lot to stop such spamming activities Google rolled out Panda Update.

Now, black hat methods are extending to dead. Let’s emphasize what to do when it comes doing SEO naturally.

If you are in the SEO industry for a certain time then you might be heard about Social Search! Yes, integration of Signals from Social Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus, Pinterest etc. The new strategy of Social Signal integration with Search Engine’s searching algorithm is the current procedure through which all the Search Engines are developing their search process. In order to get importance on Search Engine’s Eye you must spread the targeted things throughout the Social Medias. Keep an eye on this blog to learn how social signals are playing important role in SEO.

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People are getting much anxious about backlinks. There are variety of rumors flying over the web. We need to get in touch with the truth. What happened with Penguin Update and Why Google Released Penguin to catch and drop ranking of millions of websites? Because of what? Backlinks!!! Obviously no.

The truth is:

Backlinks won't harm your site

Badlinks will harm your site

Google Penguin Update
After Google Penguin Update millions of websites lost their rankings. Lots of small businesses are experiencing worst nightmare because their Google ranking was the meaning of business to them. People whose sites got hit by penguin are now telling Google to roll back the penguin. I’ve even found petitions against Google Penguin are running by people.  See it here: 

Petition Against Google's Penguin Update

Truly when Penguin hit millions but, the petition arranged only thousands of people to agree against Penguin. 

Article writing is a very popular job in off shore working/ freelance outsourcing industry. People are buying articles to publish in their own webpage/ blog/ press releases/ article directory submission etc., now let’s point to some horribly interesting facts. Guys may be amazed how horrible could be interesting too. Really I didn't find anything else to name the facts.

Yahoo Axis Home
Yahoo! has launched a new idea search + browse the web. It brought something new to test and have experience but would that bring them in the market while Google is researching to remove spams from search results and Bing is researching on the Social Search Algorithm? Their attempt of Axis made the surfing speed faster while searching for something but just showing some iconic results with texts doesn't mean results are improved. Still their crawler is not good enough to show informative and more relevant results. In long tail search terms they are still failed and bounded in websites META DATA only.
To gain position in the Search Engine Market they need to do more innovations. While Google is indexing 100 pages from the web at the same time Yahoo is indexing less than 1 page in same time period. People goes for a search mainly for information. Those people who are the fans of Yahoo they might be loving it but to touch the market as a search engine they need to grab people who are not going to yahoo now and for that I never think Search + Browse could be a solution. The new strategy should be Search = Information (Made Easy) to grab people's attention. Also social integration in Searches is a great idea. 


    High Quality Content & Service is everything of your website, for online business success. SEO has been changed and being changed a lot. No more manipulation will be allowed by Search Engines. 


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