Article writing is a very popular job in off shore working/ freelance outsourcing industry. People are buying articles to publish in their own webpage/ blog/ press releases/ article directory submission etc., now let’s point to some horribly interesting facts. Guys may be amazed how horrible could be interesting too. Really I didn't find anything else to name the facts.

When I get a little time within workload sometimes I use to surf on outsourcing marketplaces like Freelancer. Last time when I went I saw a project on article writing for $3.20 per article of 500 words. I went through the job details and saw who were bidding on that? I found lots of guys offering articles containing around 500 words from $1 to $5. It was looking funny to me that someone who is writing there about Cars he is also writing on Music. They are offering they can write on any niche. I thought deeply and realized what's going on in the World Wide Web? People think they can write on any niche, but is that really possible? I'll go with NO. It’s quite impossible to write INFORMATIVE & EDUCATIVE article for that person on a specific niche if s/he is not related directly with that specific industry. A traveler might not write well about Internet Marketing. An Internet Marketer might not write well on Fashion. If someone writes on catwalk that never saw a catwalk stage he will not write at least EDUCATIVE things on his article just by searching in Google. Now, the key point where I want to take your attention, Google updated their algorithm to prevent their search results from showing web spam or any search result related to web spam, then why guys are angry with Google. Did Google promote spam? No, public are the spammers trying to promote spam. Those who are buying cheap articles telling guys to write articles on travel, who never traveled abroad, telling guys to write press releases on Industrial Spying, who is actually a sales person in a super shop doing part-time outsourcing for extra money. Are not these web publishers are publishing and spamming the web?

For the web developers, Internet business owners and Internet Marketers this is a request to keep the World Wide Web clean from Spam. Writing articles using some shitty software generates spun articles but provides exactly no unique useful information.

It's obviously better to get articles for web publication from an expert on specific niche. I'm not telling that web researchers cum article writers can't write well, but obviously there are questions when the writings is belonging to special niche.

Eric Enge wrote a nice article on this matter in Search Engine Watch : Google’s Unnatural Links Messages: The Shot Heard 'round the SEO World?
6/7/2012 06:33:21 am

really helpful to the new bloggers. Thanks a lot

7/9/2012 04:12:39 am

very nice & helpful for me.


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