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People are getting much anxious about backlinks. There are variety of rumors flying over the web. We need to get in touch with the truth. What happened with Penguin Update and Why Google Released Penguin to catch and drop ranking of millions of websites? Because of what? Backlinks!!! Obviously no.

The truth is:

Backlinks won't harm your site

Badlinks will harm your site



Article Submission

Try to write something niche relevant that people should like to read and share with their social connects. Target big players like EZine. Make it informative and important to people.
Copy some great and popular articles and put them into automated spinner or submitter software then make thousand versions of same articles and submit to  some valueless directories.

Directory Submission

Find the best directories who are well reputed and select the best match category to submit your site. Avoid reciprocals because your site is not a directory then why you are giving links to them? Also Penguin told this to avoid reciprocal links to directories. As it's irrelevant and done targeting search engines only not targeting visitors.
Buy a  100000 directory submission service for $10 or use Automated directory submitter and select common category with common text then press the submit button. If doing manually, give links to directory sites as they recommend a reciprocal link to publish your link in their site.

Blog Comments

Find blogs in relevant niche to your content and make a comment responding to the blog post. Don't try to make a comment which will try to only lead people to your link. Target .EDU and .GOV blogs if you find any post relevant to your niche.
Find auto blog comment-er bot and just press run button by putting targeted keywords to find blogs. If doing manually then always use anchor text in place where you should write your name as you know website URL will be anchored with the comment-er name.

Press Releases

Understand differences between Articles and Press Releases. Don't write a sales letter as Press Release. It should contain news or at least information which is important for people to know. Select those PR sites from where Google News grabs news to show in Google News Search.
Write a sales latter use a bot to submit to numerous Press Release platforms though none of them are NewsVine, PR, PRLog or reputed ones. Hire summon $5.00 or less to write Press Releases for you using worst quality English or spinning existing Press Releases.

Links from Forums

Try to become an active member of a forum which is highly relevant to your niche. Make a link by contributing not only by signing up in the forum. Also those forums which are not completely visible without being their member they are really not helpful for SEO but if they have high traffic then they might give a portion of traffic to you.
Use the renowned software to create forum profiles in numerous forums. Though Google is still unable to catch the automated forum profile links as some high quality bots are creating deep links and diversifying Anchor Texts but beware only Panda and Penguin has broken out who knows the next one? Till then Keep spamming the forums to have a profile link to your site.

Social Bookmarks

Bookmark your links in those bookmarking sites which are really social. Who are having higher traffic, PR is not the fact.
Easy to measure you must bookmark your links in all the platforms with lesser than 100,000 Alexa rank.
Bots are doing great in Bookmarking but are they submitting to Delicious, Digg, Reddit or submitting to generated bookmarking sites? Even if they are submitting to both good and bad sites then read it again 'bad' are harmful to your site.
Even if you are playing it 100% safe but there's risk to be penalized by Google. The game changed after Penguin Update. As Penguin came to stop using Google as a manipulation platform so when it's washing out the manipulators some week but honest guys are also being washed out. The major new rule in Backlinking is if you create all or more than 60% links pointing to your home page only but no other pages or links of your site gets below 40% links only then you might get penalized.

Another policy is to diversify the Anchor texts. Don't use only Exact Match Phrases as anchor texts. Use stop words more in anchor texts.

Keep an eye on us to track next upcoming posts on Changes in On Page Optimization after Penguin. How to create backlinks safely and about Stop Words.
7/12/2012 04:18:39 pm

I have a question, How many months to see all the sites that linking me? because my website is only have 7 linking page to the web .

7/12/2012 07:29:34 pm

You won't see 100% backlinks ever. Keep creating good quality and content based links more and more. It depends on the webmaster of specific website where you created links when to approve your backlink.

7/16/2012 02:19:05 pm

Wow...great post! Immense value, please keep em coming! An actual SEO article that has solid advice...thank you.

8/6/2012 03:00:07 am

Finally.... Someone who makes sense in the SEO field. The panic is ridiculous and the leaders will remain standing.

8/23/2012 10:59:45 am

Nice Article, i have a hard time to rank my keywords, because the keywords is limited and sometimes its none.

11/27/2012 02:52:01 pm

Informative post.
Your explanation through two categories it is really amazing.I totally agree with you back links kills your visitors and page rank.Thanks for this information.


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