Google Penguin Update
After Google Penguin Update millions of websites lost their rankings. Lots of small businesses are experiencing worst nightmare because their Google ranking was the meaning of business to them. People whose sites got hit by penguin are now telling Google to roll back the penguin. I’ve even found petitions against Google Penguin are running by people.  See it here: 

Petition Against Google's Penguin Update

Truly when Penguin hit millions but, the petition arranged only thousands of people to agree against Penguin. 

Okay, now let’s see what is exactly behind penguin. Let’s get back to few months. Within the gap period of Panda to Penguin we made lots of things to get ranked in Google and we were in success track. Those things made SEO a child play.

When someone decided to build a website he was getting a Wordpress blog and implementing auto blogger software to it. Just select a niche and fix the time frame there’s nothing else to do. The auto blogger program will publish contents in your site where you are also showing your own products or affiliate products.

So there’s a website ready to get ranked in Google for targeted keyword just if there’s some off page SEO done. In off page SEO we need numerous backlinks. People like to start off page works with directory submission. We have automatic directory submitter bot, where thousands of directories are listed though none of them is like dmoz or botw so what they are directories who accept any submission without any moderation or a little moderation. Just get the software and run it. Your website will be submitted in thousands of web directories soon. Why people spend time to find appropriate directory or appropriate category in directories to submit their site manually while they have directory submitter?

People won’t forget about social bookmarking because many times social bookmarking links showed they can show a site in first page of Google within shortest possible time. So they got automated bookmarking tool to do this job. Did you ever think your submissions are spoiling very good social bookmarking platforms like digg?

Whatever that is when it’s time to get backlinks from forums and blog comments then people are using bots as well. Blog commenter finds auto approve blogs without thinking about relevancy of the blog with content of the site. It writes something common post like, "Thanks for nice informative post blah blah – Link with Anchor." Looks like that website came here to make the comment.

There are some forum posting bots too who are very expert to find auto approve signature link forums and make some posts to them. We also have some software who is expert to do multiple tasks also. They can do forum posting, blog commenting, article marketing etc., yes another important thing is article marketing. Get an article marketer bot and give it an article from copying from web on your targeted niche. It will spin the article and create thousands of versions of it. Though I’ve no sense after spinning an article into more than two or three versions how much valuable those articles remain?

But truly people were getting these. They were getting thousands of links in no time and Google crawler was bound to crawl, to index those links as its crawler’s duty to crawl and index the World Wide Web.

So, it’s not Google, who brought Penguin, it’s the web spammers know as internet marketers who made SEO something based on machines and robots or programs. They forced Google to make the change as they kept nothing natural. Now though Matt Cutts told SEO will get harder but, I’ll say it will get more natural day by day. As we were experiencing the unnatural easy SEO so natural ways might obviously appear tougher to us. 

We made things spoiled. SEO has not been changed too much. It's just now purer than ever before.

No Google didn't pay me to write this article but I hate spams.
6/23/2012 11:20:05 pm

Thanks For Sharing This Post. Its Very Important News For All Freelancer.

Barun P Mondal
7/8/2012 06:27:33 am

Very fine

7/15/2013 09:41:10 pm

I really enjoyed this post! There are many black hat seo techniques and they urgently needed a solution! It is good to see that Google come up with excellent ideas against spammers’ every time! Keep updating such informative shares!


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