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Yahoo! has launched a new idea search + browse the web. It brought something new to test and have experience but would that bring them in the market while Google is researching to remove spams from search results and Bing is researching on the Social Search Algorithm? Their attempt of Axis made the surfing speed faster while searching for something but just showing some iconic results with texts doesn't mean results are improved. Still their crawler is not good enough to show informative and more relevant results. In long tail search terms they are still failed and bounded in websites META DATA only.
To gain position in the Search Engine Market they need to do more innovations. While Google is indexing 100 pages from the web at the same time Yahoo is indexing less than 1 page in same time period. People goes for a search mainly for information. Those people who are the fans of Yahoo they might be loving it but to touch the market as a search engine they need to grab people who are not going to yahoo now and for that I never think Search + Browse could be a solution. The new strategy should be Search = Information (Made Easy) to grab people's attention. Also social integration in Searches is a great idea. 

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